Gián điệp máy tính bảng PeekTab

Do you want to know what your child or employee is doing on the iPad or Android Tablet? Are they using the tablet for unwanted activities such as viewing inappropriate websites? PeekTab tablet spy software enables you to see what they are doing when you are away.

Here are the main features of PeekTab spy app which makes it to be a powerful spy software for android tablet and iPad.

The app records activities that the user performs on the tablet and then sends the logs to your private online control panel. Now you can view their web history, apps installed, GPS locations and more without having to be at the tablet.

Giao diện máy tính bảng ẩn
Install this small program onto the tablet you wish to monitor.

Bảng điều khiển trực tuyến
Login from any web browser to view the logs.

Lịch sử web
Log website was visited and the full URL link.

Vị trí GPS
Log the time, latitude/longitude, and a link to a street map .

Ứng dụng được cài đặt
Log app usage with PeekTab’s Tablet App Monitoring.

Thông tin liên hệ
Log the name, phone number, email address and company that is saved in the contacts.

Hình ảnh
Log every photo taken or downloaded on the tablet.

Log tablet calendars and keep track of scheduled events.

Notes Saved(iPad)
Log all notes saved on the iPad.

Log iMessage conversations sent and received on the iPad.

Log all emails sent and received on the iPad.

Call Information(Android)
Log call information on an Android OS based tablet with SIM slot.

Text Messages(Android)
Đăng nhập tin nhắn văn bản được gửi và nhận
on an Android OS based tablet with SIM slot.

Yêu cầu máy tính bảng
Apple iPad (3G or Wi-Fi) models and iPad Mini (3G or Wi-Fi) models & tablets running the Android OS.

Lưu ý
All Apple iPad models & iPad Mini models MUST be jailbroken in order to install PeekTab. This is an easy free process and is reversible.

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