iphone 5s spy: iPhone 5S تر جاسوس فون سرگرمی

In most situations, people’s mind is easily restricted by the so-called first impression that they are unable to distinguish a person correctly. Take the iPhone usage as the example, if you catch a glimpse of your kids’ iPhone and find out that they are playing some kinds of games, you may begin to worry that […] ٹیگز: , , , ,

iphone 5s spy: جانتے ہیں کہ کس طرح فون استعمال ہے فون کے ساتھ 5S کیلوجگر

In order to enhance the security of the iPhone, the newly designed iPhone named iPhone 5s puts forward the Touch ID. Touch ID refers to the finger-print identity system that has made full use of the exclusiveness of the fingerprint. Unless enrolling multiple fingerprint, you are unable to unlock the iPhone, not to mention the […] ٹیگز: , , ,