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Мобільний iPad Spy Перший коли-небудь шпигунського програмного забезпечення для iPad! If you need to monitor the URL websites visited, E-mail activity, and all of the Contacts on your Apple iPad in complete stealth, this iPad spy software does the job. The iPad must have an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G) so Mobile Spy App can upload logs to your account.

  • Контролювати все в прихованому режимі
  • Log email & WhatsApp activity
  • Трек сайт історія в Safari
  • Відслідковувати GPS місцях з карти посилання
  • Record calendars, tasks & notes
  • Monitor photos, videos & contacts
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What Will Be Recorded with iPad Spy?

Електронної пошти журналу
Email діяльності

All inbound & outbound email activity and detailed email content is logged.

WhatsApp журналу
WhatsApp чати

Кожен вхідний та вихідний WhatsApp повідомлення з контактами заноситься

Журнал веб-сайтів
URL (Website) Log

All URLs/website addresses visited using the Safari browser are logged.

Журнал календарі
Календар подій

Every calendar event is logged. Date, time, and locations are recorded.

Соціальна мережа
Соціальні мережі

Track Facebook and Twitter chats, posts, comments and YouTube.

Трек GPS
GPS місцях

GPS positions are uploaded every thirty minutes with a link to a map.

Фото журналу
Photo & Video Log

All photos & videos taken by the phone are recorded & are viewable.

Записів контактів

Every contact on the iPad is logged. New contacts added are also recorded.

Apple iPads Spy додаткові вимоги

Ваш iPad ПОВИНЕН БУТИ ЗЛАМАНИЙ prior to installing Mobile Spy App. We DO NOT PROVIDE SUPPORT for the jailbreaking process. This must be done by the customer. You can search online for numerous sites with tutorials that can assist you with this process, such as iJailbreakGuide or Evasi0n.

IPad мобільних Spy is a hybrid software/service which allows you to silently monitor your iPad in real time. It contains the following components:

  • iPad інтерфейс
    This program is loaded directly onto the iPad being monitored. It stays totally silent unless you activate the interface to change settings.
  • Онлайн панелі управління
    This is where you login to your account to see the recorded results uploaded by the phone. Accessible from any PC or phone web browser.

На iPad програмне забезпечення шпигуна starts every time the iPad is powered on but remains completely hidden. After you set up and spy app on your iPad, it will start monitoring websites, chats, contacts, GPS and more and then silently upload the data to your private Mobile Spy App account using the Internet.

All of these logs are then sent to your secure Mobile Spy App account which you can access from any web browser. When you want to view results, simply login to the secure Control Panel from any computer or phone web browser. Just enter your user name and password to see the activity logs.

Are your kids viewing pornography while you are asleep? Are your employees sending company secrets through their personal email? You will have the answers to all these questions answered. Logs are instantly uploaded and viewable inside your control panel. This high-tech шпигунського програмного забезпечення для iPad will allow you to see everything they do while you are away.

Mobile Spy App – iPad Spy Software is compatible with most smart phones with Internet connectivity. Have interest? Take a look or purchase now!

iPhone/iPad/iPod повинен бути зламаний. Деякі функції вимагає корінь для Android.

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