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  • Know what kids sent and received on phones via SMS, WhatsApp, websites etc.
  • Çocuk bulun ’ s konumlandırmak yoluyla GPS izleme ve konumu haritada görüntüle
  • Kimi çocuklar her zaman temas kaydedilen arama geçmişini izlemek
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Some years ago, the term of "mobile phone" means something of a misnormer. But the mobile phone is everywhere now! The smart phone has become increasingly needed in our lives, and it has aslo played an important role in today’s society. As it is reported that the smart phone has a big influence in young kids. Today, some young children own their own smart phones even without any parental control. What’s worse, some parents even don’t know what their kids usually do with their smart phones because they always spend so much time on them. As the best parental control app for the newest Android operating system – Android lollipop, Android lolipop casus app does a good job in watching kids’ activities on their Android phones to keep their safety online. So, how to use the Android spy app to keep your kids security on their phones?

1. Get to know what messages, websites your kids sent or received.

Today’s teens really like to send SMS, WhatsApp messages with friends, families because it is not only a trend, but also a way they communicate. They prefer to communicate with others by sending and receiving messages rather than talk with others face to face. It is not a very good thing for kids to develop their communicating skills. iKeyMonitor Android casus yazılım allows you to record both incoming and outgoing SMS text messages, WhatsApp messages, chat logs typed, and even the social networking activities on the phone, so you can get to know what messages, or websites your kids sent or received with their cell phones. In this way, you can easily know if they do any inappropriate things or not.

2. Locate children’s position via GPS tracking.

Another effective features of iKeyMonitor Android lollipop spy software is to that it can locate your children’s position via GPS tracking! Sometimes, you may find that your kids seem to lie to you. For example, your son may tell you that he will do homework with his classmate, and will get home a little late, but that may be not the truth. With the GPS tracking, you can know clearly where your children is. Even though they have something dangerous, you can find them quickly!

3. Track whom your children always contact with.

Bad associations spoil useful habits – Thus it is also very important for parents to know whom your children always contact with, whom they often play with. The Android lolipop casus app helps you track all call history on their android phones, which means that you will get the phone numbers dialed or received. If you know your kids always contact with some bad guys, you can take measures accordingly!

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