Kupeleleza simu haijawahi rahisi

  • Kisiri kufuatilia kilichotokea kwa mwanafamilia yako ili kujua ukweli wote
  • Supervise employees’ activities online to protect company’s interests
  • Kimya kuweka kufuatilia za watoto ’ s shughuli mtandaoni kuwaweka usalama
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The future is mobile. You may have heard that five years ago and wondered if it truly was going to take over the world as promised. Well, it has. Mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and phablets (which are a confluence of the two devices) have well and truly taken over all aspects of our digital lives.

Tasks that were once considered too graphic intensive or simply not possible on mobile devices are now handled with ease. Email, spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations as well as video conferencing are all possible on even the low end range of smart phones.

Seeing as all our personal communication and information is stored on mobile devices, it is understandable that a new breed of software is necessary to gather relevant information. The good news is that technology and monitoring software have kept step with each other. Kupeleleza simu za mkononi, tablets and other devices is now a breeze.

With spying on mobile phone, you can:

kufuatilia wafanyakazi
Kufuatilia wafanyakazi kulinda kampuni Interets

A lot of the offices still have old-fashioned security systems in their premises and on their workstations that may be sufficient for personal computers and the like but provide no security against mobile threats. This software can be used for that purpose as well. As more and more companies are adopting the ‘bring your own device’ philosophy to the workplace, monitoring what the employees are up to during work hours is getting more and more difficult.

Installing this monitoring software on their devices gives you access to all their activity with ease. You can set up the kupeleleza simu programu to provide you with logs automatically every day in your email or at an FTP server.

The set up too for this software has been made very user-friendly. Unlike the software of earlier days which required you to have extensive knowledge about computing, this requires that you only know how to click on ‘next’. It’s literally that easy. The software is available as a free download on a trial basis. All the features that you get after buying a copy are available to you in this trial version.

Mbali na simu za mkononi, kompyuta pia inakuwa mahali hatari ambapo tabia zisizofaa mtandaoni kutokea. Kwa kufuatilia wafanyakazi katika tarakilishi za Apple Mac OS X, tafadhali kumgeukia Kiwaa Easemon mfanyakazi kwa ajili ya Mac!

kufuatilia watoto
Kuangalia watoto kuweka usalama wao mtandaoni

Apart from this professional setting, people have looked at installing this software on their children’s devices to make kupeleleza simu ya mkononi easier. Let’s be honest, snooping on what your children are up to is as old as time itself. In this day where technology has provided them so much freedom and opportunity to violate rules, it is but natural that you will have to take measures of your own to ensure they remain on the right track.

The software has been a big hit with adoption rates contuing to rise with each passing quarter. Now, that the price has been made even more affordable, it is not wrong to assume that this trend will continue.

Yoyote patanifu iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Simu ya mkononi au OS ya Symbian msingi za simu ikiwa ni pamoja na mifano mingi na Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, zaidi

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