Ujasusi inakuwa rahisi na kupeleleza Programu ya Android

If you are an employer of some reputed firm, you always wish to know what your employees are up to during office hours. As a father of young children, you wish to know if your children are on the right track or not. With the technological advancements in every arena of life, this is becoming difficult. At times you are unable to cope with the latest technology, and hence have no other choice but to beat defeat. But, not anymore! With the kupeleleza Programu ya android becoming intensely popular, you can spy on your employee or kids and, get the real time data related to them.

  • Log SMS, WhatsApp messages
  • Ingia Facebook/Twitter/YouTube
  • Rekodi picha/video/barua pepe
  • Rekodi jirani sikizi
  • Logi wito/tovuti/GPS
  • Kuishi rimoti
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With this app present in the Smartphone, you can track down your employees or kids and, get their details as in where they are and what they are up to at the time. It basically records the details i.e. spies on your people to give you the accurate information. Sounds interesting to you, does it? Well, here are some real interesting and minute details about the app just for you.

Unaposakinisha na kupeleleza Programu ya android, make sure you have an online account created for this spy app. Now, whenever the recording for the smartphone for which you need the details begins, it will automatically be uploaded to this online account of yours. By logging in to your account, you can avail the details of the smartphone and, find out what the owner is up to.

Njia hii unaweza kwa urahisi kushika jicho juu ya wafanyakazi wako na, kujua kama kuna kero yoyote yanayotokea katika ofisi. Logi ya rekodi huja katika fomu ya makundi, na wewe tu haja ya bonyeza kategoria ambayo unataka kuchunguza. Kuvinjari hii njia inakuwa rahisi na ya kuvutia.

Si haja ya wasiwasi kuhusu kuwa hawakupata katika mchakato. Hii ni programu ushahidi kabisa kamili kwa ajili ya upelelezi. Programu tumizi hii ni dhahiri katika kazi ya meneja wa smartphone, data ambayo ni kuonwa. Hivyo, mtu kumiliki smartphone si ingekuwa hata wazo kidogo kwamba yeye ni inarekodiwa.

The features that come with this app are interesting and wide. If you are able to exploit the features you would get more data than you were interested in. You can monitor the texting activities of the smartphone user where you have installed the kupeleleza Programu ya android. Well, this is an interesting part for parents who wish to keep an eye on their kids. Without their knowledge, you can verify the kind of messages they send and, keep a watch on their activities.

You can also know the number being dialled from this phone and, the calls received on this number. The interesting part is the address and, other details of the person with whom the conversations occur can also be known using this app. The best part is with the GPS kufuatilia enabled, you can even track down where the mobile user is at present.

This is most useful to parents who wish to know if their kids are telling them the truth or not about their whereabouts. You can also know the photos and videos being shared from this number. You get the details of the phone to which they are being sent.

All in all, the spy app for android is very useful in tracking down the person’s details. If you do not trust a person, this app will give you the exact details of the person and, also let you know if the other person is lying or not.

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