Mobile Spy App is dedicated to helping you monitor your smartphone. Below you will find links to commonly asked questions and documentation for the product. Additionally, you can obtain or upgrade your software and lookup order information below.

If you still have a product question or support-related issue, please open a new support ticket below. All support tickets are answered by email within 24 hours, however, most requests are answered much sooner.

Any compatible iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile or Symbian OS based smart phones including many models by Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, more

T-Mobile, Sprint, O2, Orange, Verizon, Alltel, AT&T, more
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23 comments on “Support

  1. Mobile Spy Phone on said:

    If it is an iPhone and you have the icloud id and password, then no need to install any app.

  2. Michael on said:

    If i cannot touch the phone, can you help to install it?

  3. I can’t got the target phone in my hands.
    How can I follow in this condition the target phone on whatsup conversation ?

  4. I’m a new user to your app . And im wondering if its possible to make the app (undeletable) so even if my son reset his phone i will still be able to track him .
    Is it possible?

    Ps: the phone is rooted

  5. What is available to see what has been browsed using safari on iPhone 6 in private browsing.

  6. Can I use this program on the phone with ios 9+?

  7. stephen on said:

    if I can’t touch the phone ,can I track the phone by your software ,any method to do this

  8. The software can only get the records when there is an internet connection?

  9. Andreas on said:

    Hi! Do you plan to offer a solution for mobile Phones with win8.1 or win10 in the near future?

    Kind regards


  10. how can you find the phone numbers and text messages from the sims, if the person you want to spy on never leaves his phone alone. did you need to have the cheaters phone?

  11. I have had no luck installing mobile spy on Iphone. Should you use the same computer which has the recent backup to download firmware and redsnow or can it be done from a different computer? My husband has backup of iphone on his but I have downloaded programs to install on mine. Does it matter? is there a live person to talk to that can help walk through successfully?

  12. abdulla on said:

    will it work on black berry storm and do i need to steel them phone to put the soft wear or its a blue tooth thing
    —For BlackBerry spy please go to You must install the software on the target phone

  13. Miles Freeman on said:

    Is the Nokia 6303 supported or compatible with flexispy?

  14. Tatiana on said:

    It should be installed into the phone I am trying to track or to my own phone. I don’t think my 15 years old will even let me borrow her phone for 10min so how will I do it?
    Please let me know if I have to install it into her phone or not.
    Do you have a number that I can call to help with the installation?

  15. malong363 on said:

    I want to buy your product, but now I use mobile phones are MeiZu M8 doesn’t know your software support don’t support the mobile phone.
    I want to download the trial of the seven days, what cannot download!!!!!!!!!!!
    ———–Hi, please follow the instructions to purchase mobile spy.

  16. is it possible to pay for this software with money order or check or western union becouse i dont have credit card, thank u
    ——–Hi, yes, you may pay mobile spy with money order or western union.

  17. carlos on said:

    boa noite, tenho um nokia 3600 slide
    gostaria de saber se estes software funcionam neste telefone, ou melhor se este telefone suporta este programa espião. grato aguardo resposta em meu email.

  18. je souhaite un logiciel pour un tel modele htc touch diamond
    esque c’est possible
    Yes, your mobile is compatible

  19. gostaria de saber como consigo um cell com essa serviço de localizaçao ,e rastreamento .onde comprar ,como adquirir,tel de contato no brasil para suporte coisas desse tipo .

    abraços clovis.melo

  20. Hi, phil.
    Our Toll-Free Number:

    (888) 612-2076

  21. hello

    i am confuse! can i still track my wife
    sms with this product? do you have a phone number? because i like to be sure to have a telephone support to install the software! thank you!

  22. Fully Hosted, SaaS/ASP Model, slick, its about time someone provided a service like this, has real value.
    thx James

  23. Arturo Quijano on said:

    I have a Nokia N95 OR N82 and I need an application to record my phone calls only. I dont need recording of internet use or other things, just phone calls. Is there any thing I can use to upload your application to my cell phone.
    Thanks for your kind attention.

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