Znam kako je iPhone se koristi sa iPhone 5S raиunara

In order to enhance the security of the iPhone, the newly designed iPhone named iPhone 5s puts forward the Touch ID. Touch ID refers to the finger-print identity system that has made full use of the exclusiveness of the fingerprint. Unless enrolling multiple fingerprint, you are unable to unlock the iPhone, not to mention the ability to check your kids iPhone usage by yourself. Actually, there are many effective tools available, such as iPhone 5S raиunara, which can keep track of your kids’ iPhone usage remotely and silently.

  • Record Incoming and Outgoing SMS, iMessages, WhatsApp Messages.
  • Log Calls, Contacts, Surrounding Audios, Photos, Videos and Emails.
  • Track GPS Locations; Live Screen; Send Logs to Private Online Space.
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iPhone 5S raиunara allows you to check your kids’ social networking activities on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube. After all, many kids would prefer to share their experiences with others, but excessive sharing poses a potential threat to the daily life. You are able to know your kids’ social networking activities in accordance with the posts and the comments logged by keylogger for iPhone 5S. As long as you discover something inappropriate, you are able to instruct your kids to do some remedial action to safeguard their security.

The fluent online experience arouses tremendous popularity among the young people, including your kids. They would surf on the internet to search for something interest. With the time stamp recorded by iPhone 5S raиunara, you are able to know if their online activity is happening during the studying time or in spare time. Meanwhile, you are allowed to know the websites that they had visited. Based on the website history, you are able to correct their inappropriate online behavior timely.

Znatan dizajn iPhone 5S raиunara is that it allows you to check the results from anywhere anytime with the internet connection. That is to say, the above logs, including the chat conversation on social networks and the website history on the internet, can be delivered to the online account that you have created in a stealth and undetectable mode. Then, you are able to check your kids’ online activities without the restriction of the finger-print identity system.

SMS snimanje
Want to Log Keystrokes and Passwords?

želim Pritiske na tastere i lozinke entered on iPhone 5S? Please go to iKeyMonitor iPhone raиunara. Apart from Keystroke/Password logging, the invisible iPhone 5S Keylogger records SMS, WhatsApp, Safari and takes Screenshots. All the logs will be sent to the email account specified by you.

In fact, the operation of iPhone 5S raиunara turns out to be quite easy. Except for the fact that the iPhone 5S spy can be installed on the jail-broken iPhone, the installation and the configuration of it is exactly the same with the other software that can be finished with several simple clicks. Therefore, it is unnecessary to worry about the installation of the spy for iPhone 5S at all.

iPhone/iPad/iPod mora biti jailbroken. Neke funkcije zahteva koren za Android.

iKeyMonitor špijun App je na iOS datalogger ključ za iPhone, iPad i iPod Touch koja evidentira SMS, pritiske na tastere, lozinkama, Web lokacije i slike ekrana.
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