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Started in 1999, Spy-Mobile-Phone.com team consists of dozens of professionals dedicated to helping you learn the truth. We provide the most feature-packed software with full instructions and support to all our customers.

At the beginning of 2008, Spy-Mobile-Phone.com introduced the most enhanced smart phone spy software – Mobile Spy App. This provides access to this application genre to new audiences.

Mobile Spy App quickly gained a reputation in the industry for reliable and thoroughly tested software in this market niche. Positive comments in magazines such as Čitateľ ’ s Digest, Computer Shopper, PC Pro, Počítač kupujúceho, T3 and others, coupled with media exposure from outlets like CNN, CBS a BBC, helped in the marketing effort of these applications.

Positive reviews, media coverage, and continued success has helped Mobile Spy App grow at a phenomenal rate, with sales growth of over 1600% in a two year span. Purchased by more than 30,000 customers in over 150 countries, Mobile Spy App is widely acknowledged as leading the field in this market niche.

Spy-Mobile-Phone.com is dedicated to providing the most complete, professional applications possible. Mobile Spy App and all other products that we recommend are extensively tested in a variety of environments to ensure complete customer satisfaction.