Ar trebui să instalaţi Spyware pentru iPad?

Poate că te gândeşti la iPad-ul sau alte iDevices de monitorizare şi spyware pentru iPad comes into your mind. However, we do not suggest you install spyware on iPad. Spyware is a type of malware (malicious software) installed on computers and smart phones that collects information about users and then sends the private data to others (the developer or third parties) without your permission. Always the spyware automatically installs itself onto your iPad when you download and install an application as normal and it is hard to be removed without the help of anti-virus.

What Should I Use to Spy on iPad?
SMS-uri de înregistrare

Ar trebui să I a instala orice spyware pentru iPad? The answer is definitely not, because you will be haunted by the disadvantages of spywares after installation. But what about if you are the operator of the monitoring job to do some legal actions, for instance, monitoring your children’ and employees’ activity? Here you go, iKeyMonitor – iOS Spy Software for iPad

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În timp ce termenul spyware pentru iPad suggests applications that monitors a user’s iPad usage, the functions of spyware for iPad can extend beyond simple monitoring. A piece of spyware for iPad can collect almost any type of data, including personal information like Internet surfing habits, contacts, and bank or credit card account information. Spyware pentru iPad can also interfere with user control of the iDevice by installing additional applications or redirecting web browsers. These kind of spyware for iPad can change the mobile settings, resulting in slow Internet connection speeds, un-authorized changes in browser settings or functionality of other applications.

However, iKeyMonitor – iOS Spy Software for iPad, a legitimate alternative of spyware for iPad, is a kind of spy software running in invisible mode, which grants you with the total command to the installation, operation, configuration and uninstallation of it. It logs typed keystrokes, visited websites, pasted texts, screenshots and automatically sends the logs to your own Email box or FTP space. Then, you will know clearly about your kids’ and employees’ moves.

software-ul spion iKeyMonitor diferă spyware pentru iPad because iKeyMonitor works as other normal applications and won’t send out your information to others or affect the running of the iPad and the applications in it. If you don’t want it anymore, you can easily disable it or remove it. iKeyMonitor can be installed on any jailbroken iPad and other iOS devices.

Descarca iKeyMonitor Free Trial now and start your secure monitoring on iPad today!

iKeyMonitor is specially designed for iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you would like to spy on other smart phones, please check out Mobile Spy App below.

iPhone/iPad/iPod trebuie să fie jailbroken. Unele caracteristici necesită root pentru Android.

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iKeyMonitor App spion este un Key Logger iOS pentru iPhone, iPad si iPod Touch, care înregistrează SMS, intrarile de la tastatura, parole, site-uri web, capturi de ecran.
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