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In most situations, people’s mind is easily restricted by the so-called first impression that they are unable to distinguish a person correctly. Take the iPhone usage as the example, if you catch a glimpse of your kids’ iPhone and find out that they are playing some kinds of games, you may begin to worry that your kids are more likely to addict to those kinds of games. Meanwhile, you may want to know what the kids are doing every day on their iPhone. The iPhone 5S spion can help you obtain your kids’ iPhone usage so as to help you find out the truth.

  • Run in Stealth; Record Surrounding Audios, Emails, Calendars, Apps
  • Log SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, Calls, Contacts, Photos, Safari History
  • Monitor Facebook, Twitter, YouTube; GPS Locations; Live Screen
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First and foremost, if you really want to obtain the true behavior of your kids with the iPhone 5S spion, the importance of the invisible monitoring comes into being. The invisible monitoring of spy for iPhone 5s allows you to undergo your monitoring behavior silently and secretly that is less likely to be discovered by your kids. At the same time, you won’t be cheated by the illusion presented by your savvy kids. In this way, you are able to get the reliable and truthful information.

In fact, iPhone 5S spion, a piece of iPhone monitoring software, can keep track of all the activities happening on your kids’ iPhone, including SMS message, call information, social network activity, website history and so on. The iPhone 5S keylogger can help you acknowledge your kids iPhone usage from every aspect. You are able to know whom your kid connects with, what website your kid visits during the spare time. What’s more, from all the logs, you are able to know if your kids can really make full use of their iPhone at hand. Meanwhile, the logs can also help you know your kids’ thoughts further.

What’s more, the logs, no matter it is the chat conversation or the website history, can be sent to the online account as long as you have created one. The iPhone 5S spion allows you to check the results from anywhere anytime whenever the internet connection is available. The keylogger for iPhone 5S provides you as much convenience as possible.

In addition, if you still have any doubt in your hearts, you are allowed to try the free version for several days before you make any purchase. It manifests the confidence in the products and eliminates the hesitation of the customer. In a sense, you can rely on iPhone 5S spion completely.

iPhone/iPad/iPod må være jailbroken. Enkelte funksjoner krever root for Android.

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iKeyMonitor Spy App er en iOS nøkkel Logger for iPhone, iPad og iPod Touch som logger SMS, tastetrykk, passord, nettsteder, skjermbilder.
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