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In order to allow more efficient communications throughout the company, many businesses have applied company cell phone in the daily work. However, as phones can be frequently used by employees in the workplace, there exist some potential dangers like employee leaking of important information. That makes it almost necessary for any business to monitor the phone usage of their employees with the beste telefoon spion to ensure ultimate company privacy and security. And the best phone tracker has the ability to keep business safe in many respects.

  • Record calls, text messages, websites, applications and more
  • Alles gebeurt op de doelgroep in volledige heimelijkheidswijze controleren
  • Locate cell phone GPS; View logs remotely; See live screen
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Belangrijkste kenmerken van de beste telefoon Spy

Record SMS-berichten en oproepen
Record zakelijke gesprekken en SMS-berichten

As security and liability risks are involved with the use of any company property, it is generally accepted in the office place that employers can monitor company cell phone usage with mobiele telefoon spion. The beste telefoon spion keeps track of every SMS message and call number, it will be easy for you to check whether your staff use the company phone to do something unrelated to business conversations and texts. What’s more, it can also be monitored by the cell phone spy if the employee is trying to trade company important information through text messages.

Logboeken op afstand bekijkenBieden externe bekijken van de logboeken

De beste telefoon spion will automatically run itself in the hidden and undetectable mode after installation. As the phone spy is invisible to others, there is no need to worry about that your employees will take measures to disable the spy program. Moreover, the mobile phone spy enables you to remotely check what’s happening on the target phones at any given time. Logging into Mobile Spy App account with Internet anywhere, everything recorded by the phone spy software will be shown to you clearly, such as websites visited, text messages, phone call information, live screenshots, social media activity and much more. So that you can get full control of the employee phone usage to avoid any potential danger to your company.

Block ApplicationsToegang tot bepaalde toepassingen blokkeren

Non-work related activities with phones and Internet abuse of employees during office hours could bring damage to the company productivity, especially some activities connected to phone apps. Application blocking feature of the beste telefoon spion lets you stop usage of all or some unwanted apps, including both built-in apps and downloaded apps. You can also use this feature to block access to some of the phone’s settings. To some extent, it allows you to improve the work efficiency and overall productivity in business offices.

Bijhouden van de GPS-locatieWerken als een GPS-locator

For a variety of concerns for companies could be how you can get back the lost company phone. Sometimes, what you lost may be not only the mobile phone but also some crucial data. In the circumstances, if you have put the beste telefoon spion into the lost device, you will be aware of the cell phone ID location when you login with your Mobile Spy App account. From the ID location, it is possible for you get back lost phones with important company data.

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Afgezien van mobiele telefoons, computers wordt ook een risicovolle plek waar ongepast online gedrag gebeuren. Er is dus wilt controleren van werknemers via office computers eveneens.

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