Telefon Perisik perisian kajian

Perisian pengintip telefon bimbit is designed for all smart phones such as Android Mobile Spy App, iPhone or iPad spy and more. With the development of the technology over the past several years, now we are able to monitor the mobile phone remotely and effectively. The Perisian pengintip telefon bimbit can be used by every smart phone user.

  • Log perbualan SMS, WhatsApp dan IM
  • Layari Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Merakam foto, video & e-mel
  • Log panggilan & sekitar audio
  • Menjejaki lokasi GPS telefon bimbit
  • Meng-upload log bagi paparan yang lebih jauh
Paparan telefon Perisik percuma Demo Ciri-ciri yang banyak Perisik Telefon mudah alih Pembelian Telefon Perisik

Nowadays more teenagers prefer to use their cell phones to surf the Internet because it is convenient that they can chat with others whenever and wherever they are, and they can also make many friends on Facebook or somewhere, or you also want to figure out what your employees often do with their cell phones. However, you cannot get access to their mobile phone to watch what they often do with it, and you usually want you know what they do and who they contact with it. What the Perisian pengintip telefon bimbit does is allow you to solve all your problems above. Let’s review what the Perisian pengintip telefon bimbit does for you.

What Does Mobile Phone Spy Software Actually Do?
There are hundreds of Mobile Spy Software out there in the market today, so choosing a right spy software for your phone is very important. The Perisian pengintip telefon bimbit is omnipotent because of its several features. Here is a list of what it can do for you.

Perisik Telefon mudah alih yang sembunyi-sembunyi
It records safely, silently and secretly

Dalam Perisian pengintip telefon bimbit is safe and clean spy software and it is awarded by Softpedia as 100% safe and clean spy software for cell phone. It doesn’t contain any spyware and viruses, so you don’t need to worry that your privacy information will be leaked out. Besides, it runs silently and secretly, which means that it will not show up in any icons on the cell phone, and it works automatically. To access it, you need to enter the secret code and password on the dial pad.

Rekod panggilan telefon
It records all activities happening.

Almost everything on the cell phone will be recorded, such as recording all the text messages sent and received, recording the calls dialed and received on the phone, and recording all websites visited, recording the Gmail sent. What’s more, now many people like to make friends on social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, it can also record the logs on the Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo. And the Perisian pengintip telefon bimbit can log the pictures and video the phone user see on Youtube or other websites.

Menjejaki lokasi GPS
Ia mengesan lokasi oleh ciri GPS

You must be crazy if you lost your cell phone that has a lot of important information about your customers or your company, maybe someone uses the information do some bad things for you. So what can you do now? Don’t worry about it! The Perisian pengintip telefon bimbit can help solve this big problem. It can track the IP address and you can know everything that someone does on it even though your phone card is changed, and then you can get back your cell phone back quickly.

Telefon mudah alih kawalan ibu bapa
Menyekat aplikasi pada telefon

Many people like to play games with their phones. By using the Perisian pengintip telefon bimbit, you can help others get rid of this bad habit. The mobile phone spy software enables users to block any applications, including games, from launch on the target cell phone automatically. In addition, you can make the spy software send alert to you when the phone holder palys the game and you can lock the mobile phone from a remote location to stop users playing on it.

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