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Nors dauguma įmonių savininkų yra linkę įdiegti Android šnipinėjimo programinė įranga bendrovė ’ s telefonai kaip Android stebėjimo app gives them the answers they need, some employers are not absolutely convinced that it is ok to monitor Android phones that the employees carry. Everything is bilateral, and it’s up to how you look at and how you control.

Android stebėjimo App
  • Prisijungti SMS, WhatsApp ir IM pokalbiai
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  • Įrašyti nuotraukas, vaizdo įrašus & laiškus
  • Žurnalo ragina & aplinkinių garso
  • Sekti Android GPS vietose
  • Įkelti žurnalus, nuotolinio nuomone
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Kai kurie darbdaviai nerimauti, kad Android stebėjimo app is not ethical when taking invasion of privacy into consideration . While, under some circumstances, it is totally acceptable and allowable to use Android spy on the company’s Android phones. However, when monitoring Android mobile phones, you need to be aware of some things.

First and most important, you need to be clear about your purpose of Android monitoring. It is completely unethical to track phones for getting others’ privacy. However, if you want to protect your company and prevent business information leaks, you do have the right to use Android monitoring software to do you a favor. Android stebėjimo app will never let you down because the Android monitoring software you installed logs all call information, SMS messages and tracks GPS location. In other word, Android monitoring enables you to know where your subordinates are, what your workers talk about and who your staff are in touch with.

One other thing that you need to consider is who owns the Android phones. Are the cell phones owned by your workers or your company? If the phone is your employee’s private goods, you should not install any Mobile Spy App to monitor it. If the phone is owned by the company, and then Android stebėjimo app is permitted. This is easy to understand. The company owned phone is part of your corporate property, and you are able to do whatever you want with the phone, including Android monitoring.

Pirmiau minėtų dalykų, yra lengvai sekti ir šių dalykų bus jus patikinti, kad Android stebėjimo app is ethical if you use the Android monitoring software in the right phone with valid reason. If you don’t want your employees to spend too much time on their personal things with the phone, you can inform your employees that the phones that they carry are monitored. All in all, Android stebėjimo software is a good solution for company to keep track of the employees on Android devices.

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