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The newest generation of iPod Touch allows people to not only listen to music but surf the Internet, take photos, record videos, play games, send and receive email and much more. People are more demanding for it, especially the young. Of course, the aplikasi mata-mata terbaik iPod Touch also becomes more and more in demand for parents to use it to monitor the activities of their children and protect them.

  • Memantau segala sesuatu dalam mode siluman
  • Penekanan tombol log dan teks-teks yang disisipkan
  • Merekam setiap Password yang dimasukkan
  • Rekam website dikunjungi di Safari
  • Menangkap screenshot secara berkala
  • Mengirim log ke Anda melalui Email atau FTP
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iPod Touch popularity has been growing faster than ever, especially with the new generation of iPod Touch. At the beginning, the iPod touch was mainly used to listen to some music, but now it has become more and more multi-functional for people to use.

Teens love their iPod Touch mostly because of the fact that they are able to do all kinds of fun activities such as sharing photos or videos on the social networking, sending instant messages, playing games and more. However, they often pay little attention to the dangers of the websites they visit or the apps they download on the Internet. Issues such as these above and more can be easily solved by installing the aplikasi mata-mata terbaik iPod Touch.

iKeyMonitor is the best keylogger for iPod Touch which is widely used to help parents solve all problems or avoid dangers their children may suffer from the Internet.

As a professional spy app for iPod Touch, iKeyMonitor provides powerful logging features for all iPod users to record all activities happening on their iPods such as recording all keystrokes and passwords typed, logging websites visited in Safari, capturing screenshots in any interval and viewing logs remotely by email or FTP. Parents can make full use of this aplikasi mata-mata terbaik iPod Touch to monitor what your children do with the iPod Touch even when they stay far away from you.

As far as I know many parents first attempt at monitoring the activities of their children is the basic ways of manually searching through their teens’ iPod device to check what they have done on it, such as viewing the web history on Safari. Unfortunately, this form of monitoring activities is not very effective for your kids as they can easily delete anything inappropriate to cover their tracks so their parents don’t see it. And most time children feel angry and offensive for this kind of your behavior. So how could you do with this situation?

The aplikasi mata-mata terbaik iPod Touch works professionally in an invisible mode on your children’s iPod, it starts to record all things done on the iPod immediately the iPod runs. And it won’t show up in anywhere on their iPod, so no one can find it working to monitor all activities. Parents don’t need to worry that your kids may delete the history, because this kind of keylogger for iPod Touch can still record all web history even though your children delete all clues on the Internet. In addition, all logs will be recorded and sent to your email or FTP secretly and periodically in order to allow you to view it remotely.

iPhone/iPad/iPod harus jailbroken. Beberapa fitur yang memerlukan akar untuk Android.

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iKeyMonitor aplikasi mata-mata adalah iOS Logger kunci untuk iPhone, iPad dan iPod Touch yang log SMS, penekanan tombol, password, website, screenshot.
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