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In this high-tech world, advanced technology products make things much easier in most situations. Parents can apply security tool to make sure the kids are safe with their cell phones. Meanwhile, company owners rely upon safety tool to increase employee productivity and efficiency in the workplace. To be a useful safety tool, Cell phone kémkedés szoftver stands out above the rest thanks to various features and functions.

  • Hívások naplózása & környező hangok
  • Nyomon követi a mobil telefon GPS helyen
  • Bejelentkezik küld privát tárhely
  • Bejelentkezés SMS, WhatsApp, IM-csevegések
  • Jelentkezzen be Facebook/Twitter/YouTube
  • Rekord fotók, videók & e-mailek
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It is not a secret that the majority of children are possessed of their own mobile phones. Almost from morning till night, they keep focusing on the cell phones at home or in school. Maybe you are trying to know what exactly they are doing and clear worries about your child’s welfare.

Monitor a gyermekek

Putting cell phone monitoring software into use, it can easily help you find out how the phone is being used by recording everything happening, such as text messages, calls, websites, live screen and social media activities from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. With Cell phone kémkedés szoftver, you will be able to get your children out of potential threats or possible dangers with the mobile devices if they are involved in cyber bullying, chatting online with strangers and so on

It is generally accepted that company owners are available to use cell phone spy to monitor the office devices and see whether the employees are doing something unrelated to the work with the cell phones that assigned by the company.

Felügyeli a munkavállalók

If you feel there is a reduction in employee productivity and working efficiency in the workplace, out of question, the Cell phone kémkedés szoftver will definitely assist you to know what happens so that you can take measures to improve the productivity. This Android phone spy gives you ability to view logs regardless of time and place, even though you are on a business trip, you can also timely be aware of your employee phone usage when they are supposed to be at work.

Eltekintve a mobiltelefonok számítógépek is lesz egy kockázatos hely, ahol nem megfelelő online viselkedések történik. Figyelemmel kíséri a alkalmazottak, Apple Mac OS X számítógépek, forduljon Easemon munkavállalói Monitor for Mac!

It shouldn’t be neglected that the cell spy software is capable of tracking Android GPS location with maps, under some type of situation, it will be of great help to find your lost or stolen phone with given map pictures. Furthermore, if you happens to have some crucial data stored on your phone that could all also be got back along with your device.

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