Nyilvánosságra hozni a mobil használat-val Android kémkedés Program

Android kémkedés program is the Mobile Spy Apping app that can be installed on the Android phones, which is able to monitor all the activities occurring on Android phones, such as text messages, calls information, comments on social media and so on. It is able to help you master all the behaviors of the Android phone users.

  • Jelentkezzen iMessage/SMS/WhatsApp
  • Jelentkezzen be Facebook/Twitter/YouTube
  • Fotók, videók & e-mailek rögzítésére
  • Hívások naplózása & környező hangok
  • Nyom iPhone5S GPS fekvések
  • Naplók küldött Email/Online számla
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Kijelölt jellegét meghatározza-ból Android kémkedés Program

Log SMS & WhatsApp

Android spying software will record the contents of text message, the numbers of the senders and recipients, the time stamp of each message. Installing Android kémkedés program, you can know if your kids contact with anyone who has ulterior motives. Then, you are able to do something effectively.

Call információk

You can monitor all the call information of the Android phone users. The specific numbers of the call, the lasting time of each call, all can be recorded clearly on the Android spying app as well. In this way, the Android kémkedés program enables you to know if your employees use the Android phone for company’s or private affair.

Nyom GPS fekvések

A GPS helymeghatározó rendszer, a Android kémkedés program allows you to know the accurate location of the phone users. You’re able to find out the accurate location of your kids, employees. What’s more, you have chance to get the Android phone back with the GPS locating system of the Android spy program.

Whenever you have installed it on the user’s phone, you may easily discover that it is working in a complete invisible and undetectable mode, which is hardly discovered by others. Likewise, it can preserve the logs for you silently. You are allowed to log into the online account to check the results whenever the internet connection is available, which is able to give you as much convenience as possible. So, whenever you select some spying software, Android kémkedés program should give first priority.

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