Snažni mobitel nadzor alat za mobilne uređaje

Mobile Spy softver je je mobitel nadzor alat that has become a necessary tool in our daily life, because you can use this Mobile Spy Software to monitor your children’s, employees’ cell phone about what they do with their phones so that you can protect children from some unnecessary troubles, and you can also use it to spy your employee if you feel there is something wrong with her/him that they don’t tell you.

Mobitel nadzor alat
  • Nevidljivi mobitel nadzor alat kompatibilan sa većina pametnih telefona
  • Record SMS, calls, websites, photos, social networks, GPS and more
  • Instalirati na telefon ciljne stanice i početi pratiti na udaljenim lokacijama
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Snažan mobitel nadzor alat can help every smart phone to record their activities every day. Here are some features about what the Mobile Spy App – a powerful cell phone surveillance tool can do:

Tekst poruke praćenje
Tekst poruke praćenje

Mobile Spy Software records text messages sent and received, including date/times, phone numbers and the texts. If you want to know who your kids contact with their mobile phone, this mobitel nadzor alat will help you know it.

Nazovi informacije špijuniranje
Nazovi informacije špijuniranje

You can use surveillance tool for mobile phone to spy their users’ call information, so you can easily get the call information. For example, if you suspect that your kid is cheating on you, you can install this mobitel nadzor alat to monitor their call logs.

Webs, Photo and Video Spying
Webs, Photo and Video Spying

Mobile Spy Software logs URLs visited. It is so convenient that they can visit websites they like with smart phones, it is increasingly popular to surf the Internet on mobile. This mobitel nadzor alat will record what websites they visit, so you can know what they most like to do online and know more about your kids.

Praćenje lokaciju mobitela
Praćenje lokaciju mobitela

Maybe you are a careless and forgetful person who are a little incautious feel it easy to lose something like your mobile phone which stores important files. Now you needn’t worry about that because the mobitel nadzor alat can track the mobile phone location. So you have a big chance to get back your lost cell phone!

A Mobile Spy Software is a really powerful cell phone surveillance tool for mobile. If you still have some questions about it, You can check out more details on the same. Please visit: Mobile špijun softver Početna stranica

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