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Owing to the fact that the computer at home should be shared with other family members, many young people are inclined to surf on the internet with the mobile phone even at home, which has already aroused many parents’ attention. A vast majority of parents want to know what the kids are doing on the mobile phone actually. If you are the parents who want to know your kids’ mobile activities as well, then אפליקציה לאיתור נייד should be recommended.

  • כל דבר של התגנבות
  • Record SMS, Calls and Chats
  • Log Photos, Videos and Webs
  • יומן בפייסבוק/טוויטר/YouTube
  • המסלול מקומות GPS עם מפות
  • להעלות יומני לחשבון מקוון
הורד iPhone מרגל App ניסיון חינם תכונות נוספות של iPhone App מרגל לרכוש iPhone App מרגל

What Activities Are Logged on iPhone?

לשמור על מעקב אחר של האתר ביקרו
אתרי אינטרנט שיא

On the one hand, the mobile monitoring app can keep track of all websites visited on the built-in web browser of the mobile phone. In accordance with the website history recorded by the iPhone mobile tracking app, all your kids’ mobile activities are under your control. You are able to check whether your kids are visiting some inappropriate and questionable websites on the mobile phone.

יומן פעילויות חברתיות ברשת
SMS הקלטה

The Mobile Spy Apping app records the activities on Facebook and Twitter. Whenever kids are chatting with "friends" on the social media, their personal information can be exposed, which turns out to be a potential threat to kids’ security. The iPhone mobile tracking app can reflect all the posts and comments. If your kids post something inappropriate, you can acknowledge that in the first time.

להקליט כל הודעת טקסט
יומן הודעות טקסט

All the detailed information, such as the sender’s and the receiver’s numbers and the accurate time stamp, can be captured by the iPhone mobile tracking app. According to every incoming and outgoing text message recorded, you are allowed to check whether your kids are connecting with some dangerous people. More importantly, you are more likely to ensure your kids’ online security in the emergency situations.

Apart from that, the mobile tracking software allows you to check all the logs happening on your kids’ mobile phone remotely. That is to say, all the logs, including the website history and the social network activity, can be delivered to your online account for the convenience of your remote checking. So, the אפליקציה לאיתור נייד turns out to be your considerate partner.

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