iPhone 5 תוכנות ריגול

אתה מחפש iPhone 5 spy software? Although the iPhone 5 has not been launched, it won’t stop people from wondering how soon they will be able to get hands on an iPhone 5 spy software to monitor their teens’ or employees’ iPhone 5.

  • Track all activities on iPhone 5 in stealth and upload logs for remote view
  • Record SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp chats, calls, contacts & Safari history
  • Log Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube history, photos, videos
הורד iPhone מרגל App ניסיון חינם תכונות נוספות של iPhone App מרגל לרכוש iPhone App מרגל

We all know that iPhone 5 will sell millions of units’ right out the gate when this hot new phone is launched. If you want to monitor an iPhone 5, the iPhone 5 spy software which is built specifically for this device will be your closest solution. This also means that if you’re in a situation where you will need to monitor or track an iPhone 5, you’ll need to know how soon iPhone 5 spy software will be available.

There is already spy software for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 on the market. iPhone 5 spy software comes out around the mid to end of September assuming the iPhone 5 is launched in early September of 2012 as the reports suggest.

iPhone 5 Spy Software Features

תכונות צפוי לעלות על iPhone 5 spy software are monitoring text messages, call logs, photos and videos, and stealthily tracking GPS (including real-time tracking), remote monitoring, and even spying on messenger apps. Bottom line, for monitoring just about everything people do on their iPhone 5, you’ll essentially need to get a total iPhone 5 spy software surveillance tool.

רכיב אחד זה יכול לעכב את ההשקה של iPhone 5 spy software is how long it will take to offer a jailbreak for the latest iPhone 5 OS. You must jailbreak the phone in advance installing an iPhone 5 spy software app. Without a way to jailbreak the iPhone 5 that means you won’t be able to install any types of iPhone 5 spy software.

The iPhone 5 is launched and a jailbreak for iPhone 5 is available now, you’ll be able to install iPhone 5 spy software for monitoring your teens and employees’ iPhone 5.

iKeyMonitor is an invisible Keylogger for iPhone 5 and other iOS devices including iPad and iPod touch that records passwords, keystrokes, SMS and WhatsApp Messages, website visits and screenshots. All the logs can be delivered to your Email/FTP.

האייפון/אייפד/אייפוד חייב להיות jailbroken. כמה תכונות דורש בסיס עבור אנדרואיד.

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iKeyMonitor App מרגל הוא iOS לוגר מפתח עבור iPhone, iPad ו- iPod Touch שיתחבר SMS, הקשות, סיסמאות, אתרי אינטרנט, צילומי מסך.
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