Spyphone tarkvara Nokia mobiiltelefone

Paigaldada intelligentne Nokia Spyphone Software – ePhoneTracker on Nokia handsets and you will be able to dial in and listen to the surrounding sounds and conversations coming from around the target phone from ANYWHERE in the world without any indication of connection.

Nokia Spyphone tarkvara
  • Call & listen to surrounding sound
  • Kuula telefoni kõne salaja
  • Salvestada iga SMS ja kontakt
  • Kustuta automaatselt kõne ajalugu
  • Salakavalalt jälgida GPS asukoht
  • 100% invisible Nokia phone spy
Rohkem funktsioone Nokia Spyphone tarkvara Osta Nokia Spyphone tarkvara

Nokia Spy Telefoni tarkvara is a powerful monitoring tool to give your partner, children, employee, business associate, friend etc.. or whoever you wish to monitor. This Nokia telefoni spioon tarkvara uses a highly advanced and intelligent software program that works in its own environment to offer the very best mobile phone surveillance on the market.

This employee with the spy phone is meeting with the competition.
His boss is listening to everything being said without him knowing.
Learn more about Nokia phone spy software!

Meie uus funktsioon Nokia Phone Spy now includes a Remote Control feature which means that once the software has been initially installed you never need touch the target phone again. To spy on Nokia phones, you can Helista salajane spioon kõne to record the phone surrouding audio.

To listen to an active phone call, the conference call feature on the target device must be enabled. When the call number you specified dialed or received on the target, you will receive a SMS alert. If you call the targeted Nokia phone, you will be added to the call and then Kuulake kõne vestlus.

Apart from that, you will be able to remotely read the SMS sent and received via the target Nokia. Every new and active contact in the Nokia phone’s Contacts list will also be recorded and emailed. Another practical feature is GPS tracking, which is available for Nokia smartphone users.

Selle Nokia Spyphone tarkvara on nüüd kooskõlas Symbian seadmeid töötab OS versiooni kuni 9.4. Have a question about compatibility? Contact our Tugirühma.

More Powerful Nokia Phone Spy – Mobile Spy App

Mobile Spy App on usaldusväärne Nokia Spyphone tarkvara for Nokia smartphone monitoring of kids or employees. With Mobile Spy App, you can log the detailed data of calls, SMS, emails, URLs, GPS locations, contacts. The logged data will be uploaded to your secret web space so that you can check them any time, any where.

Remote control is also available. Mobile Spy App – the Nokia spyphone software allows you to remotely change spy settings and remove spy software. In addition, you can also remotely lock/unlock the target Nokia phone, track GPS locations, retrieve the SMS card information and delete the call history, text messages, stored contacts and more.

Peale mobiiltelefone, arvutid muutub ka kõrge riskiga koht kus sobimatu online käitumist juhtuda. Et jälgida töötajad Apple Mac OS X arvutis, palun pöörduda Easemon töötaja monitori Mac!

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