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Mis on ka Mobiiltelefon tracker? Most people might think it is a kind of tracking software for mobile phone that can be used to locate where your mobile phone is. Yes, it is true, but it is more than a piece of cell phone tracking software. The cell phone tracker can not only help people track the location of their cell phone, but also can help monitor everything that the users do on their cell phones, such as what SMS they sent or received, whom they often contact with, what kind of websites they visited and much more.

Mobiiltelefon Tracker
  • Jälgida mobiili GPS asukoht
  • Logi Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Record photos, videos & emails
  • Log calls & surrounding audios
  • Log SMS, WhatsApp, IM chats
  • Upload kauge vaadata logisid
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Kasulikke funktsioone Mobiiltelefon tracker

Spy tekstsõnumeid

Selle Mobiiltelefon tracker works well on all smart phones such as Android cell phones, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia and more. It records all text messages that are sent or received on the cell phone and help you monitor what your kids talk about and who they contact with.

Rekord kõneteavet

Selle Mobiiltelefon tracker also can monitor the call information on your mobile phone, so you can know clearly about whom your children often contact with by using their cell phones. This can help you know what happened to your children if you found they behaved inappropriately in recent days.

Monitor fotod ja videod

Selle Mobiiltelefon tracker monitors and records all photos and videos. It also helps you monitor all URLs visited in iPhone and Android, and also record all photos and videos taken. You can obviously tell if they have visited some porn websites, photos or videos on the Internet.

Jälgida GPS asukohad

Selle Mobiiltelefon tracker allows all users to locate their cell phones easily and quickly by tracking the GPS location, so you can easily find where your children are. Besides, if your mobile phone is stolen or lost by accident, you can quickly find its location and get it back.

Mobile Spy Software is the best mobile phone tracker that can benefit you far more those mentioned above, if you want to know more, please check: Terve funktsioone Cell Phone tracker.

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