Qué hace un rastreador de teléfono móvil

En el pensamiento de la Rastreador de teléfono móvil, first appear though that appears in your mind must be the tracking software for mobile phone which is often used to locate the exact position of the mobile phone user. Basically, the Rastreador de teléfono móvil refers to the software which is installed on a target mobile phone to not only track the location of the mobile phone but also monitor and record all of its calls, text messages, web activities and more.

Rastreador de teléfono móvil
  • Log Calls, Text Messages, Contacts, Apps, Photos, Videos, Audios
  • Seguimiento de sitios web visitados, correos electrónicos, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube actividades
  • Localizaciones GPS de pista; Aplicaciones en bloque; Alertas de palabra clave; Pantalla en vivo
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With the rapid development of telecommunication technology, mobile phone as people in the twenty-first century has become an indispensable necessity in daily life. You can use it for more than just making calls, sending text messages, particularly today you can use it to listen to music, access the Internet, watch videos and more. Certainly problems come along with these wide use as well, such as surfing improper information with mobile phones, knowing some bad people, sending or receiving sexual messages etc. It is reported that the time people spend on their mobile phones is continuously increasing year by year. To protect the mobile phone users, the Rastreador de teléfono móvil works professionally to help people record almost all things people do with their mobile phones. Here we can look at it together about what the cell phone tracking software can do for you:

Registro de SMS
Seguimiento de llamadas y mensajes

It is the most common behaviors for people to make phone calls and send text messages when using their mobile phones. The Rastreador de teléfono móvil is able to record all call logs and text messages on the mobile phone, so whether parents or managers all can benefit from this function. You can simply know what your children or employees often talk about with their mobile phone, whom they usually keep in touch with, so you can be prepared in advance to to foresee and prevent the impending bad situations if you find they are in trouble.

Historial web
Mantenga una lista de todas las actividades de la Web

Young children are crazy for surfing the Internet to watch videos, chatting with friends, reading news and more. Since the Internet is an open platform which provides numerous information and resources for people, good or bad, many young people are addicted to viewing porn information or violent videos and so on. The Rastreador de teléfono móvil enables to keep a list of all URLs of the websites people visit on their mobile phones, so all web activities are under your control.

Aplicaciones de bloque
Mantener el Control del uso de aplicaciones

With the convenience of the mobile phone, people prefer to play games with their mobile phones. Nowadays, you can see people play computer games anywhere and anytime. Many students like to play games with their mobile phone in class so that they are distracted by their mobile phones and their grades also go down sharply. The Rastreador de teléfono móvil works powerfully to block unwanted applications from running on the mobile phone, including built in apps and downloaded apps.

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