SMS λογισμικό παρακολούθησης

Οι γονείς πρέπει να έχουν το όραμα να χρησιμοποιήσετε SMS λογισμικό παρακολούθησης to get the fact of what their kids are doing on with their mobile phone, otherwise, your innocent kids may be taken advantage of by the harmful messages.

SMS λογισμικό παρακολούθησης
  • Παρακολουθεί όλα τα μηνύματα εισερχόμενων και εξερχόμενων κειμένου στον τρόπο μυστικότητας
  • Αρχείο καταγραφής τους αριθμούς των αποστολέων και παραληπτών μηνυμάτων αντάλλαξαν
  • Record WhatsApp, iMessages, Blackberry Messenger and so on
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Why SMS monitoring software is neccessary? As a parent, when you see your kids keep texting with their mobile phone, you must wonder who he/she is texting to and what they are texting about. However, you know clearly that to view your kids SMS is a rather difficult job, for the kids take their privacy into serious consideration. Even if you get a secret chance to catch a glimpse of their SMS message, you may be happy for nothing bad to be found. While the fact is your kids are wise enough to delete all the indelicate messages, so you are hidden from the truth. The information crammed society enriches the kid’s knowledge, on the other hand, along with the rampancy of sexting, bullying and ill messages.

SMS λογισμικό παρακολούθησης takes parents’ concern as the priority, thus coming into being. It grants you the power to view your kids’ SMS message without being noticed that their mobile phone is monitored. After installed onto your kids phone with step-by-step instructions, the SMS Spy begins to work in the background and to log every communication message, including the incoming and outgoing message contents, dates and numbers of the sender and recipient.

These logs can be checked on in your email box or FTP server on your mobile phone or computer anytime the Internet is available. In this way, you are able to see what your kids are up to whenever you are online. What if your kids are so cautious that they delete the messages in time? SMS λογισμικό παρακολούθησης can also be helpful under this circumstance, for it will record all the details before deleting happens.

Although your top concern may be reading your kids SMS message, the Mobile Spy Software has more functions, such as tracking the location of the mobile phone and applications installed on the phone and remotely uninstalling the software. You can enjoy more functions of the SMS λογισμικό παρακολούθησης, thus benefiting more from it.

Με τη βοήθεια του SMS λογισμικό παρακολούθησης, you can easily and successfully fulfill the task of mobile parental control and taking good care of your kids by viewing their SMS message. As a result, you can have a better understanding of your kids which could contribute to the communication and intimacy between you and your kids.

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