iPad Keylogger – iKeyMonitor Keylogger for iPad/iPhone

  • Παρακολούθηση πάντα σε λειτουργία stealth
  • Record keystrokes & passwords
  • Log calls, SMS and WhatsApp
  • Record Safari history. Track GPS
  • Αιχμαλωτίστε εικόνες περιοδικά
  • Παράδοση κούτσουρα σε Email/FTP σας
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Many reasons can be provided to a parent or an employer who wants to keep an eye on an iPad that it has issued to their children or employees. With the development of the technology and science, iPad is more and more widely used in every different type of fields in our lives. It makes it possible for people to take a small, light palmtop but which is full of powerful usages to store much information, surf the Internet, and entertain instead of taking many heavy books or files. However, there are plenty of things that can go wrong with using the iPad to communicate, learn or entertain. An iPad Keylogger performs an important role in monitoring all activities on iPad to protect your children or employees from dangers.

The portable technology makes it available for people to use iPad to make many things more convenient. Along with using an iPad, there are many concerns for whether parents or employers that should focus on. For example, will your employees use their iPad responsibly, or just waste working time? Is your child going to use his/her iPad at school, late at night or use it to do some improper activities? Of course, you won’t know anything about these unless you install an iPad Keylogger on the iPad.

Είναι μια εύκολη λύση για να λύσει όλες αυτές τις ανησυχίες-την εγκατάσταση ένα ασφαλές και αποτελεσματικό iPad Keylogger on the iPad. iKeyMonitor is the most powerful keylogger that is well-designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod, which aims to help parents, or employers keep track of what their children, employees do on their iPad in a real time. With this iPad spy software, parents or employers are able to read every text message, websites visited in Safari, take screenshots secretly.

iKeyMonitor πλήρη χαρακτηριστικά

    Δυνατότητες καταγραφής των iKeyMonitor iPad Keylogger

  • Παρακολούθηση SMS/WhatsApp μηνύματα και ιστορικό κλήσεων
  • Log All Entered Keystrokes, Passwords and Pasted Texts
  • Record Safari History, Take Screenshots, Track GPS
  • Στείλετε όλα τα κούτσουρα στο διορισμένο ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου πλαίσιο/FTP χώρο

iKeyMonitor is the best spy software for iPad that allows you to monitor and record many aspects of the iPad secretly through a secure log in your email box or FTP space where you can access your account form anywhere with an Internet connection. It is an effective iPad Keylogger which works invisibly to hide itself in the background of the iPad, so others can hardly find it running and monitoring them in their iPad. All logs recorded by the software will be delivered to the email box or FTP space that is well configured by you.

Whether you use it to keep track of your child, or you want to use to monitor your employees’ activities on iPad, iKeyMonitor must be your best need. And a τρεις ημέρες δωρεάν δοκιμή for the best iPad Keylogger is available for all iPad users now!

Το άλλο χρήσιμο iPad Keylogger is Mobile Spy App. It also does a good job in monitoring, tracking the iPad. This keylogger for iPad can also record all web and email activities, take snapshots, track the exact location of the iPad by IP address, and block some unwanted applications from running on the iPad. It gains a chance for you to get the iPad back if your iPad is lost or stolen unexpectedly. All logs can also be viewed on any computer with an Internet connection, so you are allowed to check what your children or employees do on the iPad no matter when and where you want.

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iPhone/iPad/iPod πρέπει να είναι jailbroken. Μερικά χαρακτηριστικά απαιτεί ρίζα για το Android.

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