Programari de Monitorització per a telèfons exposa l'ús mòbil

Kids are always regarded the cell phone as their own private property and refuse anyone to use it without permission. Whenever you approach your kids cell phone, they just become a little vigilant, which makes you feel a little funny for their innocence and a little bit of angry for their vigilance. As the proverb says, all loads lead to Rome, there are many ways that can lead you to achieve your goal. Even though you cannot check your kids cell phone directly, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any access to get what you want. The programari de Monitorització per a telèfons is one of the most convenient ways to expose your kids cell phone usage to you directly without any physical approaching.

  • Controlar tot en Mode sigil
  • Log SMS, Calls, Webs and Apps
  • Activitats de registre Xarxa Social
  • Rastrejar localitzacions del GPS dels telèfons
  • Enviar els registres a l'espai Web privada
  • Treballar amb la majoria dels telèfons elegants
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El que vostè hauria d'adonar al principi és que tots els registres gravat per la programari de Monitorització per a telèfons are in the undetectable and invisible way, that is to say, from the moment you have finished the installation the cell phone monitoring software on your kids cell phone, you needn’t do anything more. It can work automatically without any manual operation. What’s more, your kids are less likely to discover its tracks in the running program due to the fact that it is able to hide itself perfectly.

Furthermore, the programari de Monitorització per a telèfons is able to record all the activities, including the text messages your kids sent or received, the information of calls your kids dialed or received, the social networks your kids entered, the websites your kids searched, then delivered to your private online space directly instead of getting any physical approach. The only requirement for you to view the logs on the remote monitoring software is to login the account you created with the internet connection. You can choose when and where to view the logs based on your schedule accordingly.

In addition, what you may consider is the compatibility of the cell phone tracking software, after all, not all the software can be installed freely on the cell phone without any limitation. If the software is not compatible with your kids cell phone, all you have done is meaningless. In fact, the programari de Monitorització per a telèfons is compatible with the five major operating systems, including Blackberry, Android phone, iPhone, Windows mobile phone as well as Symbian system, which is powerful enough to meet different users’ demand. So, if you have any requirements, please take action without any hesitation.

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