Programari de seguiment de telèfon mòbil assegura seguretat mòbil

Cell phone used to be an effective tool for people to keep in touch with each other, but in recent years, the wide spread of the mobile phone is the breeding ground of many fraud behaviors. Many swindlers are more likely to send the text messages or make the phone calls to cheat the mobile phone users, which has a negative influence to the whole society. In fact, as long as hearing the fraud cases, many parents feel a little worried about their kids mobile phone security. After all, many kids are still innocent that they are more likely to be cheated by others. The programari de seguiment de telèfon mòbil will record all your kids’ online activities so as to assist you take charge of your kids mobile phone security.

Programari de seguiment de telèfon mòbil
  • Controlar totes les activitats que realitzats en el telèfon de destinació en mode sigil total
  • Remotely lock the phone; Track GPS locations; View phone live screen
  • Automàticament carregar les dades registrades a l'espai privat en línia per a la visualització remota
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Almost every smart phone allows users to log into famous social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, which gives the swindlers the chance to get your kids personal information conveniently and then do something bad in the name of your kids, which can harm your kid’s reputation to a large extent. The mobile phone tracking software can keep track of the contents on the major social networks. With the messages recorded by the programari de seguiment de telèfon mòbil, you can master your kids’ social network behaviors clearly. As long as you have discovered anything inappropriate, you can take some actions timely.

Whenever you catch a glimpse of some text messages, you can figure out the reality of the message contents directly. More importantly, you are less likely to do as the messages tell, but your kids are more likely to follow the steps and fall into the trap in the stimulation of their curiosity. All the detailed information, including the senders’ number, the accurate time and date, the content of the text messages, on your kids cell phone can be logged clearly in the programari de seguiment de telèfon mòbil. The mobile phone spying software allows you to keep track of the message in case that your kids step into the preset trap. Moreover, the contents of the iMessage and the WhatsApp can be recorded as well.

In fact, except for the messages sent in words, your kids may also be cheated the call information, which is also taken the mobile phone spy consideration. The programari de seguiment de telèfon mòbil can log the call information at the same time, which aims at ensuring your kids mobile phone security for you.

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