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Aplicació mòbil espia is a piece of software to monitor, track and record all activities that are performed on a cell phone. This Seguiment de telèfon mòbil de programari is created for people who want to keep tabs on someone, either it is a child or an employee.

  • Connecti's els xats SMS, WhatsApp i IM
  • Connecti a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Enregistrar fotos, vídeos 59 E-mail
  • Registre trucades 59 àudios circumdants
  • Pista iPhone5S ubicacions GPS
  • Carregar els registres per a visualització remota
Visualització mòbil demostració lliure de programari de Monitorització Més trets de mòbil programari de Monitorització Compra mòbil programari de Monitorització

¿Està buscant bo Telèfon mòbil de programari de Monitorització which will empower you to keep track on everything that is happening on a mobile phone? Whether you want to see the texts being sent and received, the emails being sent and received, the phone calls going in and out, or the location of the mobile phone, the spy mobile software will make it possible. Every time a call is made or a text message is sent, the Aplicació mòbil espia records the information and sends it to a server. It also pins points the location from where the outbound call or message is sent, which enables you to know what, when, and whom the information is sent to and also know where the phone user is via the GPS location service on it at that time.

This information can be very useful. As parents, you can make sure that your kids are going to where they are told to and not talking to a wrong person. As employers, you can make sure your employees are doing their job and not playing games or out parting when they are not supposed to.

Les dades enregistrades per les Telèfon mòbil de programari de Monitorització is based on complete stealth making sure that the user is unaware of what is going on. The Telèfon mòbil de programari de Monitorització is quite easy to use and install on most smart phones including Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile devices and so on. Protect your children, your relationship, and your business with the revolutionary cell phone monitoring software.

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