Best WhatsApp Spy App to Spy on WhatsApp Messages on Android

My daughter is 12 and she has her own cell phone now. The family rule is cell phones off by 10:00 p.m., but this week I caught my daughter texting past midnight several times. She keeps her cell phone seriously, no matter when I got her cell phone, nothing was found. I doubt that she makes boyfriend and is cheating on his father and I. I really want to figure out who she is texting on WhatsApp, what she often does with the cell phone. My friend told me that I could use a cell phone spy app to easily spy on WhatsApp messages my daughter sent and received with her phones, but I’m wondering if it is correct to snoop my children’s activities with a spy app.

Definitely for many parents, it is quite easy to use a reliable WhatsApp spy app to spy on WhatsApp messages or other activities children do on the cell phone because such WhatsApp spy tools like iKeyMonitor works well in logging both sides of WhatsApp messages, keystrokes and passwords typed, websites visited, SMS and call history, chat conversations from other instant messengers like Skype, Kik, Viber or Hangouts, track GPS location, and capture screenshots. All these activities can be monitored invisibly and all recorded logs will be sent to Email or Online Server for the remote checking!

There is no doubt that you have the right to protect your children safe online, so as parents, you are allowed to spy on your children’s WhatsApp messages sent or received on the cell phone. However, you should tell your children about what you do on their cell phones firstly if you decide to install a mobile spy app to monitor what they do on their cell phone. If you didn’t get your children’s permission, they will get annoyed and feel disrespected by what you have done. Therefore, with WhatsApp spy tools, you can know all things easily, but you couldn’t win your children’s respect and trust easily.

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