Android Monitoring App – A Helping Tool Not to be Intimidated By

The electronic world is one where security plays an important role. But, with everyone connected in one way or another, it has become one of the weakest links in our day to day lives. Every time we connect to the internet or dial a number to speak with someone, we find ourselves at risk. In times where the number of mobile phone access of the internet has overtaken that of those done from computers, an الروبوت التطبيق الرصد is a vital tool that can be used for either good or bad – depending on who is using it.

  • Monitor both-side SMS, iMessages and WhatsApp messages.
  • Log Calls & Surrounding Audios, Facebook/Twitter/YouTube.
  • Record Photos, Videos & Emails, track GPS locations.
  • Deliver logs to appointed emails or private online account.
عرض الروبوت رصد التطبيق "التجريبي المجاني"أكثر "ميزات الروبوت" التطبيق الرصد شراء الروبوت رصد التطبيق

لدينا رفيق حميم

Our phones are with us almost all day long, every single day. Even as we sleep there is a high chance that we have put our cell phones within an arm’s reach. During the day, if we are not making a call on it, we are constantly fiddling with it as we surf the net or play games. This constant companionship allows it to store more information about us than we would normally be comfortable with.

It is precisely this information pool that an Android monitoring up taps into once it has been installed on a mobile phone.

While one can clearly imagine the negative impact of having the monitoring app secretly running on one’s phone, let us focus on the good that can come out of it all.

ما يمكن الوصول إليه

فلنفترض أنه تم تثبيت أحد الوالدين المعنية مراقبة التطبيق الروبوت phones on their son’s phone. It may be because they are truly concerned about his safety or they are not sure they like the way he has been acting lately or the crowd that he has been hanging out with – whatever the reason they want to keep sure their child is not in harm’s way.

The information that the parents can get includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • سجل المكالمات: all information, including phone numbers, about incoming and outgoing calls can be logged. The time the calls were made and their durations are also recorded.
  • معلومات التصفح على شبكة الإنترنت: all the websites that the son has visited and their links can be tracked by an Android monitoring app. The more advanced ones even keep track of images and videos that were accessed.
  • Text, SMS etc.: all the short messaging applications can be monitored and registered by the app. The same monitoring can be applied to social media networks, like Facebook, detailing every activity on them.
  • التنبيه عند الطفل هو الاتصال بجهة اتصال محددة: every time your child is calling to a specified contact, a notification can be sent to the parents.
  • لتحديد المواقع: upon request, the phone can silently send the GPS location of the phone.

كيف أن "يساعد جميع"

Now, from the example above it can be seen that the parents have a wealth of information about the data on the phone, and thus, their son too.

In the case where the phone has been forgotten somewhere or is lost, the parents can easily locate it. They can know if it has been stolen by checking to see if the GPS position changes. If they want, they can even contact whoever has the phone using the Android monitoring app (via text message or even email). There are even Android monitoring apps that allow access to a phone’s screen to see what is being done with it.

If the person that has the phone doesn’t reply or has no intention of returning the phone, the monitoring app for Android can either lock the phone or, as a final alternative, totally wipe the data on it.

With all these functionalities, الروبوت تطبيقات الرصد can be assumed to be more of a helping tool than a spooky spy weapon to be nervous about.

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