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SniperSpy is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to install the software without access to the computer and watch exactly what happens on your remote computer like desktop screenshots, websites, keystrokes, social networking activities…while you are away.

The high-tech remote spy software enables you to send all logs to online control panel for the remote checking. Login to your remote control panel, you can not only configure settings, view activities, but also control the remote computer from anywhere.

SniperSpy Provides Cutting-Edge Remote Spy Solution!

Do you need to remotely monitor your computer which is currently at an unreachable location?
Do you suspect your child/employee uses your computer inappropriately when you’re travelling?

SniperSpy offers an ultimate remote monitoring solution for PC users. It is able to install itself silently on the remote computer, and also log a lot of activities like the keystrokes typed, websites visited, Facebook/MySpace activities, texts on the clipboard, chat conversations, application used and more.

Furthermore, it gives users ability to view all activities live and send commands to control the computer remotely with an intuitive Live Control Panel. It is pretty convenient for people to check logs and control the remote computers from anywhere with the Internet connection.

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What does SniperSpy do for You?

This program records a wide array of PC activities in real time. All activity is secretly and temporarily recorded to the PC and then uploaded to your online account where you can login and view the following:

Activity Logging:

  • Keystrokes and passwords typed
  • Websites visited in IE/Firefox
  • Facebook and MySpace activities
  • Desktop screenshots captured
  • Surrounding audio recording
  • Both-side chat conversations
  • Applications used on PC
  • Application session durations
  • Automatic user file uploads
  • Email Reports/Archive logs
  • User PC activity logs
  • File/folder changes

Remote Live Monitoring:

  • Live monitor computer screen
  • View keystrokes in real time
  • Get a snapshot view from webcam
  • Remote file browser with search
  • View/control running processes
  • Open application/websites remotely
  • Send alert message to users on PC
  • Send commands remotely to control PC
  • Hide desktop icons and taskbar on PC
  • Instantly view recent documents/bookmarks
  • Remotely deploy the software
  • Remotely uninstall the software

Content Filtering:

  • Filter applications from being used
  • Filter websites by URLs/keywords
  • Block social networking websites
  • Set time to control the computer use

Other Features:

  • Multiple computer management
  • Remote system information
  • Provide top 10 report graphs
  • Search specific logs with keywords

How it works?

  1. Instant Download
    Once you purchase a Mobile Spy annual Subscription, you can get SniperSpy license registration codes for free. You can enter the license code and then download remote installer module under Windows via the online control panel.
  2. Deploy Module Remotely
    After downloading the installer module from the online control panel, the module will be sent to your remote computer with an email attachment. You can rename the module to make it more invisible in case others find it is a monitoring program.
    Once you open the module, the software itself will finish the installation in the background of the remote computer. Then it will start to monitor activities on PC automatically.
  3. Login to SniperSpy Account
    After installation, SniperSpy begins to record everything on the remote computer immediately. All logs will be uploaded to your private SniperSpy account. Login to your personal SniperSpy account to view all recorded activities remotely.

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Any compatible iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile or Symbian OS based smart phones including many models by Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, more

T-Mobile, Sprint, O2, Orange, Verizon, Alltel, AT&T, more
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